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Golden Angels Mission in the Land of the Rising Sun
August 01, 2019

According to the latest update by the United Nations in May 2019, more than 126 million people live in the country of Japan. Christians make up about one percent of the population. Churches can be found across the country, including Catholic and Protestant churches, and including Seventh-day Adventist Churches.

Japan is known as the most literate and technically advanced nation in East Asia. The country’s status results in a comfortable and high standard of living for a large number of people. In addition, their hearts do not easily open to Christianity.

The challenge will be for the commissioned missionaries of God to go without hesitation or fear. Different methods are being utilized to touch the hearts of the souls in the country, including the Pioneer Mission Movement (PMM), pastors’ ministries, and the Golden Angels’ music ministry.

The Golden Angels Serve Foreigners in Japan

From May 7 to 26, 2019, the Golden Angels 16 were invited to serve with the PMM pastors in Japan in their evangelistic activities. We were all so thrilled to be a part of the mission.

The first destination of the mission trip was Chiba, where the 3H Japanese Language School is located. The institution was established by a missionary 24 years ago. According to Pastor Kim SooHo, principal of the school, it was designed to help foreigners in the country learn Japanese. The students enrolled were from different countries, such as Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, China, and even from the Middle East. We had the privilege of sharing God’s message with the foreigners, especially to the non-believers of Jesus. 

A special program was also conducted for the church members and friends of the Chiba International Church, which is located next to the 3H Japanese Language School. The program was facilitated by PMM Pastor Chung EuiKwun, who was a former Golden Angels second batch member, and it was conducted by Pastor Um SungHyun, who specializes in home and family lectures. Through the important messages of the speaker, the uplifting music of the missionaries, and the grace of God, the week’s program was successfully completed.

We also had the opportunity to visit nursing homes and a center for the disabled in Chiba. One thing I learned from our visit is that God allows us to see the beauty of life even under sorrowful circumstances. Even though the people we visited were disabled, they still gave their sincere love and smiles to the people who were taking care of them in the center. On that day, I witnessed the love of God in that humble place, and through the songs of Jesus, we all felt real joy, which cannot be bought.

On May 15, one of the pastors from the Japan Union Conference took us to Tachikawa, Tokyo. We met the Taiwanese PMM pastor, Yu Chuan Fu, who later guided and led us to a mission for the Chinese community in Japan. The mission was started by a pastor’s family thirteen years ago, and by God’s grace, the only Chinese Adventist Church in the heart of Tokyo is now growing. The number of attendees is increasing, and the church held an evangelistic meeting that week.

Every evening program started with music by the Golden Angels and was followed by messages from the invited speaker, Elder Futai Mona. We sang in Chinese so that the congregation was able to clearly understand the songs. Many people said, “A sermon can take an hour to reach their hearts, but a song takes only five minutes to deeply move the hearts of the people.” We, as singing missionaries, really believe in that quote, but above all, we believe that the moving of one’s heart is only possible through the working of the Holy Spirit. Besides singing in the evening programs, we were also invited to the house of a new non-Christian Chinese friend to share our songs and testimonies.

After days of effort and prayer, by the grace of God, five precious souls were baptized that Sabbath. This became a living testimony of God’s miracle in Tokyo Chinese Church.

Missionaries Called for Healing and Preaching Ministry

Next on our schedule, we served the Tokyo Adventist Hospital by comforting some of the patients through songs about Jesus. At the same time, visitors and hospital staff were able to witness the singing because we were in the corridor of the building. It was such a delight knowing that God was truly using our voices to declare His love and care to the needy, helpless, and sick.

Two days later, we visited Yokohama Saniku Elementary School, where we sang about Jesus and introduced Him to the young children. We also visited Yokohama Shalom Nursing Home, which was in front of the elementary school. Although we had a hard time carrying all the heavy equipment, setting it up, and taking it down, the moment we opened our mouths to sing for the elderly, our hearts were so touched by their genuine smiles and reactions. I felt their longing to see their families and to visit their hometowns; they were in tears, and they even hugged us tightly after our singing.

We were glad that we were given the opportunity to give them comfort and to introduce Jesus Christ to them. We hope that they will able to realize that there is a living God and that there is hope beyond the grave.

The Church That Waits for a Long Time

Ten years ago, the Golden Angels group from that time visited Biwako Church in Shiga and left a good impression. After a long wait, the people of Biwako met with the Golden Angels again, although it was this year’s batch. We flew to Osaka Airport together with Pastor Masaru Kabayashi.

Members of the church were thrilled to see the Golden Angels once again, and we really felt their enthusiasm because they were all preparing and planning for the success of the program. Every member made an effort to invite their friends who were not members of the church to witness the musical concerts by the Golden Angels and the messages from Pastor Cho DaeYeon, associate coordinator of Golden Angels. A major musical presentation was held on Friday and on Sabbath afternoon, collaborating with the Biwako Church choir that consisted mostly of non-Adventist members.

Although Japan may be described as the Land of the Rising Sun, ironically, the country is not yet lit by the light of the salvation of Jesus Christ. Acts 13:47 says, “For this is what the Lord has commanded us: ‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.” Just as God commanded His disciples, we, as young missionaries who are driven with God’s love, will continue to travel and share the light of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

Article By Leah Servidad