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JUC Annual Council successfully ended
January 25, 2012

November 29, marked a successful end to a three-day year end meeting of the JUC EX-COM.  At the culmination of the meeting, Dr. Lee, president of the Northern Asian Pacific Division encouraged Japanese church leaders with the word of God. 

He reminded them that the priests who carried the Ark (God’s word) stepped into the waters by faith even though their eyes could only see an overflowing Jordan River.  All Israel watched their leaders act out their faith in God’s promises. Even today, the people of God are carefully watching how their leaders, who bear God’s word, react to God’s promises. 

Dr. Lee asked the leaders and delegates to seek for personal revival and reformation.  All attendants sincerely received the message and devoted themselves to the great movement and to give God’s last message to the earth.

Even though, generally speaking, Japanese churches and institutions encountered many challenges, during the session God provided them with many encouraging reports and faithful testimonies; these were given by conferences, departments and institutions.

The highlight of the meeting might be that Pastor Shimada, president of the JUC introduced and emphasized the importance of City Evangelism which the GC promoted. This project is to start in New York and then carried out in every big city in the world under each respective Division, Union and Conference.  We hope that God will do great things in this country in the near future and we all want to participate in the different lines of His great work.