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TMI Evangelism 2019 at Beitun Church
September 09, 2019

Simultaneous evangelistic meetings for Total Member Involvement (TMI) Evangelism 2019 were planned at 16 churches in Taiwan. Beitun Church was one of the churches. Pioneer Mission Movement (PMM) Pastor Kwon SoonBeom has been serving in Beitun Church since 2017.

Beitun Church was designated as one of four churches that would initiate Public Campus Ministries (PCM) in Taiwan this year. From June 24 to 27, 2019, the church held Summer Camp Meeting with Taitung Church. In order to invite camp participants to the evangelistic meetings, the schedule was changed so that the evangelistic meetings were  right after the camp meeting. 

From July 1 to 6, Dr. Joo MinHo, Adventist Mission director of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, visited the Beitun Church to speak with the title of “Do we have hope in the 21st century?” Throughout the meetings, he addressed the attendees with these six significant questions: 1) Why do we have sufferings? 2) When will those sufferings end? 3) Who will survive at Jesus’ second coming? 4) Why don’t I have a rest? 5) How can I start the new life? and 6) Who really knows God?

Every evening, around 50 people attended the meeting, and among them, about twenty were non-believers. Fifteen students from the Chinese Language department of Sahmyook University also joined this evangelistic meeting after attending the camp meeting, to share the Korean culture and the love of Jesus with young Taiwanese people.

As a result of the meetings, four people made the decision to dedicate themselves to God through conversion. One was converted into Adventism by confession and the other three by baptism. The baptismal ceremony was held at the swimming pool of the health center at Taiwan Adventist College. Among these four new members, two were led by their family members. Since most of the Beitun Church members attend the church alone, it is a blessing to have Adventist families in the church. Glory to God!

Joo MinHo, NSD AM/PMM Director