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TMI in the Nanzi International Church
September 25, 2019

 The Nanzi International Church in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, held its Total Member Involvement (TMI) series from July 13 to 20, 2019. The church held two meetings each day, with an average attendance of 53. Pastor Calbert Latham (Nanzi Church pastor) and Dr. Lisa Clouzet (NSD Children’s/Family/Women’s Ministries director) were co-presenters for this series, featuring evangelistic topics with an emphasis on family issues. Jeramie Sanico, a guest singing evangelist from the Philippines, presented the musical portion of each of the meetings.

To prepare for the meetings, the Nanzi church had invited friends, family members, and those attending English classes and other evangelistic outreach opportunities held previously at the church. An outdoor gospel music concert was also held, where church members distributed invitations to those in the community.

During the series, the morning session began with a baking demonstration given by church members, where those in attendance could participate in making the food. A time of music with Ms. Sanico was next, followed by the main evangelistic presentations. At the conclusion, those in attendance were served a meal, which included the food prepared during the baking demonstration.

Prior to each evening session, there was a special program organized and led out by Shelicia Hsiao, Menissa, and CJ Latham, the pastor’s wife and children. At each meeting the children learned new songs, heard a Bible story lesson by Dr. Lisa, and participated in activities and crafts for children—with many of the parents also in attendance. The majority of the children and parents attending were guests from the community. While the children’s meetings were going on, there were also adult ukulele lessons offered. Following these meetings, the main evangelistic presentations and music were repeated.

Those attending the various meetings were invited to a grand celebration Sabbath morning to celebrate the baptisms of two teenagers who had made decisions to follow Jesus. For many in attendance, it was their first time attending a Sabbath worship service and witnessing a baptism. The children had practiced a special musical number during the week to present in addition to musical selections by Ms. Sanico. Following the final evangelistic sermon, the guests were invited to stay for a special fellowship meal. Many smiles were evident as goodbyes were said at the end of a wonderful week of worshiping together and learning more about God.

Please join the Nanzi International Church in praying for the newly baptized members, as well as those who are currently studying, seeking, and considering baptism. Please also keep the church members in your prayers as they continue to nurture and encourage the new believers.

by Lisa L. Clouzet