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KUC Women’s Ministries Leadership Certification Recognition Ceremony
January 25, 2012

On December 1, a very special recognition ceremony was held for 38 women who had worked diligently for the past year on taking classes at Sahmyook University. For the first time in the history of Korean Union Conference, the Women’s Ministries Department and Sahmyook University joined hands to offer the leadership certification courses designed for women. All four levels were offered over 2 semesters. 19 Women completed all four levels; 7 Completed Levels 1-3; 7 Completed Levels 1 & 2; 4 Completed Level 1 and 1 Completed Level 3.

The four levels of the certification course comprise more than 40 different subjects covering the following areas:

History and Philosophy (HP)

Biblical Studies (BS)

People Skills/Personal Growth (PS)

Speaking Skills (SS)

Leadership Skills (LS)

Writing Skills (WS)

Nurture Projects (NP)

Outreach Projects (OP)

In a simple yet meaningful ceremony, the women were charged by the Korean Union President, Dr Dae-Sung Kim to go forth in a spirit of humility and self-denial to sacrifice their lives for their Master who has given His all for them. Dr Sally Phoon, Women's Ministries Director for the Northern Asia-Pacific Division encouraged the women to serve their churches now that they have been properly trained and to help out at the newly set up KAWA  (Korean Adventist Women's Association) Center situated just outside Sahmyook University to serve the community.

The vicinity is being developed as a residential area with many apartments being built. In time to come, the population around the area will be greatly increased, giving us another golden opportunity for outreach and witness. During the ceremony, Mrs Young-Ja Nam, the KAWA President and main initiator of this project, received a donation from NSD's Women's Ministries Department for the operating expenses of this center.

Sahmyook University has also granted college credits for these classes. Dr Byung Ho Jang, Dean of the Graduate School of Theology reminded the group, "Credits accumulated for the four levels of this leadership certification program will meet the entrance requirements for the graduate diploma in theology program provided the individual holds a basic Bachelor's degree. So, you are welcome to join us since you are now legitimate alumni of Sahmyook University!"

Griggs University, the Adventist Church's distance learning university situated at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, also offers college credit for these classes.