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Sabbath School Teachers Training in Taiwan
October 14, 2019

 A number of energetic and enthusiastic Sabbath School teachers of the Taiwan Conference (TWC) Children’s Ministries gathered together from June 28 to 30, 2019, at the SanYu Health Education Center, in anticipation of receiving further Sabbath school teacher training. The training was organized by Celeste Sha, TWC Children’s Ministries director, and conducted by Drs. Linda Koh and Lisa Clouzet, Children’s Ministries directors from the General Conference and the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD).

The Sabbath School teachers had previously completed Level 1 of their training, and they were anxious to participate in Level 2 in order to improve their teaching skills as leaders of their various Sabbath school divisions. Each of the training levels consist of interactive sessions, and then the participants have post-training assignments to complete in order to finish one level and qualify to move on to the next. The participants in this session received training on the following topics: Interactive Storytelling, Involving Children in Mission, Management with Grace, Sex Education, Spirituality of Sabbath School Teachers, Planning Children’s Programs, and Asking Good Questions.

During each session, the Sabbath school leaders had the opportunity to participate in various activities, practice the skills being presented, and ask questions to the presenters. Between sessions, there was time to brainstorm, share challenges and ideas, and to enjoy the meals and the facilities of the Health Education Center together.

The children are our church’s richest treasures, and it is certainly time and resources well spent to disciple those who are discipling the children each week. Check out your children’s Sabbath schools soon; encourage the leaders, and affirm the children. If you are inspired and convicted to do so, volunteer to help in one of the children’s departments! The education and experience will be mutual; they will be blessed by your presence and attention, and you are never too old to learn from the youngest among us!