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Ulaanbaatar-wide Evangelism 2019
November 28, 2019

Immediately following the close of Ulaanbaatar Health Expo 2019, Ulaanbaatar-wide Evangelism 2019 started. The church members, the speakers and the visitors did not have any time to rest, but they were still enthusiastic and energetic as the evangelistic meetings started on August 5 at Khilchin Church and Genesis Church and on August 6 at the remaining nine churches in Ulaanbaatar. The following were the speakers for the eleven participating churches: Suh GwangSoo, Kim KilHyung, Kim DaeSong, Jo ChoonHo, Kwon JeongHaeng, Jo GwangSang, Lee SukJin, Choi ChangHyun, Kim SunHwan, Yoon HyunSuk, Byun SungJun, and Bold Batsukh.

I had the privilege of visiting all 11 churches, sometimes taking in two or three churches in one night. We were able to record the activities of each church with a camera/videography team from the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD). We felt the presence of the Holy Spirit at every church we visited. The church where Pastor Jo GwangSang spoke had more than 100 attendees each night, including 80 children. Many of the children wanted to get baptized, but we postponed their baptisms because we wanted to make sure we got parental consent. There was still one adult baptism on the closing Sabbath.

The church where Pastor Yoon HyunSuk spoke welcomed twenty new visitors, who attended regularly every night and are now baptismal candidates. There was one elderly lady, in particular, who really put her heart into the evangelistic meetings and attended faithfully each day. She even invited the volunteer team to her home on Sabbath afternoon, and everyone enjoyed a lovely visit there. These baptismal candidates have committed to studying the Bible with the local church pastor so they can prepare for baptism. Pastor Yoon has pledged to support two of the church youth with scholarships so they may grow up to become future leaders of the church.

Pastor Kwon JeongHaeng’s church had a real physical challenge due to the heavy rainfall. Despite how difficult it was to reach the church because of the water and mud, the church actually did not have enough seats inside, so they had to set up tents outside for those who came later. Even rain and winds could not stop the Holy Spirit from touching the hearts of the attendees. Six people were born again through baptism at the end of the meetings.

Pastor Byun SeongJun’s church was located high on top of a hill. That did not stop people from climbing the hill each evening to attend the meetings. An average of 65 to 70 people came every night. The team also visited individual houses to extend invitations. There was one person who had been attending a Presbyterian church for the past three years, but was still seeking more truth. When she attended the meetings, she felt convinced that she had found the truth she was looking for and decided to get baptized. And we certainly cannot forget the pregnant woman who accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and got baptized with a child in her womb. Through God’s grace, six people from this church were also baptized.

We had some concerns about the church where Elder Lee SukJin was assigned because it is in the early stages of growth. However, we were tremendously encouraged by the potential we saw at this young church. Many children attended the meetings, and two people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior at the end of the week.

Pastor Kim SunHwan was assigned to a church where one of our Pioneer Mission Movement pastors is currently serving and where Elder Lee SungGeun has been providing support during the past year. Once again, Elder Lee SungGeun, Kim DukBong, and Won YongMoon offered their help throughout the entire evangelistic series. On Friday afternoon, all the volunteers, church members, and baptismal candidates went out to Terelj National Park and camped out in tents to spend the Sabbath in God’s nature. They praised God with all their hearts, and seven people were baptized in this beautiful testament to God’s creatorship.

Pastor Kim KilHyung was responsible for a church that had also held an evangelism crusade last year. Fourteen volunteers worked very hard and visited multiple homes during h the week-long evangelistic services and were able to impart a positive influence to the community around the church. The church was blessed with a special music team that included a talented saxophonist Ha ChangHo, the best student of one of Korea’s most renowned saxophonists; classic guitarist Park JongHo; and vocalist Sung YoonSook. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, they provided their audiences with an amazing musical concert and touched many hearts. Fourteen people from this church were baptized at the end of the evangelistic meetings.

Pastor Jo ChoonHo was assigned to the Ulaanbaatar Central Church and spent the afternoons treating people with his oriental medicine skills. Many guests were very grateful for his healing touch. People cried when the testimony was given on the last Sabbath, and twenty baptismal candidates promised to stay connected with the local church pastor to continue with Bible study in preparation for baptism.

There were many others, including Pastor Suh GwangSoo, Pastor Choi ChangHyun, Pastor Kim DaeSong, and Pastor Bold Batsukh, who took care of congregations and other churches and led evangelism meetings with equally successful results. I cannot thank everybody enough.

I look forward to the next Ulaanbaatar-wide evangelistic series three years from now, and I praise God for His bountiful blessings and for His protection throughout these meetings.

News Article by Kim YoHan, President of Mongolia Mission