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KUC President Kim, Dae Sung was re-elected
January 25, 2012

On December 12, Pastor Kim, Dae Sung was re-elected to serve the Korean Adventist church as the KUC president for the next 4 years. He has been ministering as the KUC president for 2 years since 2010. During the 34th KUC Special Session, he got 369 votes in favor of him to 38 votes against him. He will also be the Ministerial Association Director.

During his acceptance speech he said "I was not that worried when I was elected 2 years ago because I didn't know the details of the KUC, but now I feel  a heavy weight of pressure on my shoulders because I know the condition and challenges facing the Korean Church." He also said, "I strongly believe that the only way to revive the Korean Adventist Church is to lean on the Holy Spirit. It's not by human plan or endeavor. I will do my best to ask God to do a miraculous work in the Korean Church"

The NSD president Dr. Jairyong Lee said "Pastor Kim, Dae Sung is re-elected to lead the KUC for the next 4 years. I believe that God's will is done and I am grateful to Him. Pastor Kim is an excellent leader but he needs the power of the Holy Spirit. I hope that all the delegates will pray and support him so that he can successfully lead this big organization."