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Evangelistic Series at Beitun Church
February 18, 2020

 Beitun Church in Taichong, Taiwan, held evangelistic meetings from December 8 to14, 2019. Pastor Byun SeongJun, associate Communication director of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), served as the speaker, and the Golden Angels, the NSD singing missionaries, were actively involved with evangelism during the week by singing and working together with the church’s youth members. Three people accepted Jesus Christ as their savior through the evangelistic efforts. One person received baptism and other two people will be baptized in the near future. 

Before the evangelistic meetings began, Guo Jiajing and Kim SeonMin, two student missionaries of Public Campus Ministries (PCM), preached the gospel at a nearby university campus for three weeks by running a small group mission. Due to the efforts of the PCM missionaries, many of the meeting attendees were well prepared to listen and accept the word of God. They were willing to learn more about Jesus from the precious words delivered through the speaker every night. Special concerts by the Golden Angels were also held in downtown Taichung and on campus, giving a boost to the evangelic meetings with even more gracious praise.

Nai Zhen, a baptized young student, is currently the head of the student club for the study of Korean culture at the National Tachung University of Science and Technology. In 2018, when she was a freshman in college, she joined the club and learned about our God through many channels and welcomed Jesus Christ as a personal savior. She experienced the love of God as she went through the Korean club, the small group, and the Korean language camp in June 2019.

Before she was baptized, she helped the first batch PCM missionaries and played a major role in the ministry of campus mission. After her decision for baptism, more people have entered the church because of her positive influence. Pastor Kwon SoonBum, who serves the Beitun Church, has for many years experienced how valuable the influence of friends is in youth ministry in Taiwan. Nai Zhen also hopes to become a campus missionary in the future. In addition, we would like to thank the other young people for opening their minds and preparing their hearts through this evangelistic series.

News Article by SeongJun Byun, NSD Associate Communication Director