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34th KUC Special Session Ended Gracefully
January 25, 2012

The Korean Union Conference held its 34th Special Session from December 12-13, 2011. It commenced with the theme “Revival, Reformation and Witnessing” and ended a day earlier.

During the session, KUC officers reported on the procedure and outcome of closing the Union of Churches agenda. After receiving the report, delegates voted to record the report on the minute book that all the proceedings concerning the Union of Churches are brought to an end.

The KUC President pastor Kim, Dae Sung was re-elected. Pastor Moon, Chi Yang was elected as the KUC Secretary and Pastor Lee, Shin Yeon as treasurer. Directors were also elected, Pastor Bae, Hye Joo for Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Pastor Shin, Won Shick for Health Ministries & ADRA, Pastor Choi, Ho Young for Youth Ministries, while the Education Director and Communication Director remained unchanged.

On the second day, delegates had time to receive reports from each department and institutions such as Sahmyook University, Sahmyook foods, SDA language school, Seoul Adventist Hospital, etc.

KUC’s Committee for Spiritual Revival and Reformation made a proposal of a detailed action plan and of a report of activities performed. One of the important reformation plans is to re-structure the union conference and local conferences to minimize the number of directors. Another plan is to distribute more funds to local churches and to maximize the role of district churches that they should be united for the purpose of supporting each other.

NSD President Dr. Jairyong Lee and other NSD officials and directors were invited as delegates. Dr. Lee said, “The Korean Adventist church has many things to do under the banner of Revival and Reformation. Spiritual Revival and Reformation is most important and urgent for all of us. I hope that the will of God is fulfilled through this session and in our lives. And to accomplish this, we must surrender our will to God.”

Every evening, there were special revival meetings. Delegates prayed together for repentance from their sins and asked God to pour out the Holy Spirit. This special session was very solemn and void of heated debates or loud voices. Pastor Kim, Myung Ho gave special messages every morning and evening. He introduced Biblical principles of Adventist Revival and Reformation.